Sunday, May 10, 2009

Second quilt for the year

This is the second quilt I have finished this year. This quilt was a group project where we each took a color and made nine patch blocks with our color for everyone, then we all swapped blocks. I added an extra row and column to my quilt to make it bigger. I love the purple border and the applique. I machine quilted it with a modified feather in the center of the quilt. I outlined the applique and then quilted the background. I did a little swirly pattern in the border. It took me about 3 weeks to machine quilt (I could only do a few hours a day). I love the way it turned out. I actually washed it this weekend and even used dye catchers in the wash with the quilt, but one red fabric in the applique bled wherever it was in the quilt. I am sad about that, but I still love this quilt. Here are some close up shots of the quilting. On the one of the back, you can see the signature block we made. Everyone who made a square signed the second block over from the left.

close up of quilting on front
back of quilt

close up of back
feather design close up